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Because of his success in social media, he became a fortunate You Tube personality who got an opportunity to meet U. He gave some clues about his current affairs but did not mention any names. Edit He co-hosted a weekly pop-culture news update “Top That” with Becca Frucht on March 2013. He continued it until October 31 and then announced his departure. Edit He is a supporter of The Trevor Project, an organization who tries to control suicide among Youth.

He hosted the program for it and was able to raise ,000 to support the project in the year 2013.

Tyler, one of the most searched names of You Tube is hailed by many as a guy with a heart of gold.

The Midas touch of his supreme magnanimity for the ‘Trevor Project’ is unmatched and his endeavors in uplifting non-straight people are praiseworthy.

A filmmaker, Amy Rice released a documentary about him which entitled “Sonervous”.

He also became a competitor on The Amazing Race 28 alongside with his friend Korey Kuhl.

With over 7 million subscribers to his channel, this young dynamite is adored for his satirical and eccentric humor.

He has authored a book titled ‘Binge’, an autobiography penned in an intriguing style.

A former member of the well-known channel, ‘5Awesomegays’, Tyler openly admits being a homosexual.

After all said and done, we won’t mind knowing more about Tyler Oakley, the star who is making all the heads turn.

In one of the interviews, we found him saying, ‘Since the beginning, I have always tried to just be me.

There have been moments in my career as a You Tuber where I’ve recognized that I’m trying to emulate something else or I’m being heavily influenced by a You Tuber or something like that and I realize that’s not what I want to be putting out’.

The free spirited lad even had a video done with Michelle Obama which aimed at throwing light on the subject of education.