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■ May J'^ TO 5d by Google r^ mm T6THfi m HAfel TAMTS vr.'-.'-'^--' ■.'. onto Um^ y^ Ix)cd) ihp^ knowcft thatllovetfa^r Be.&rih i^ntohinivftedmy Lam^. The truth is, the | thtt takes on btmtbat facred Cd Bingi menhf fev tetnftrd a Jv Jaitiges, Smwbeever l^*» up bk hemita ibinkbw nt»dt iiuri^M^Lerddnd Smtie Mrb Mb dine fir bim.^v Aia endnred the . umtttgrn^eteieem- * Digitized by V^OOQ IC Tbi; Epift Je Dedicatory . Anaiftbatgrmhifintffe ( tbr^tfghtbe bleffing 9f i Sid ) Mmj bf My w^j dd^dnctd ihtrtby^ I (ball m^ njer ref M 9$ inf fms^ b^t ji^U very much r^- jfjfi^ wa thcl^dbsih tfub Udme ( in any me A- fyti ) U h jtrwcc Me U y^ in the furthering ^ ymr fdk^iip^ And t bat yen mgj the be^ f» knew bpv tt tknki nft §f tki$ Trratifey l /kd M dcqudint yen ill hrkf mth the whele deiigne tbtre^^ In the Bx Si part I bdvt embed together in itiree Chaf^ets i^ chief and neeeffary things tlhit are tp be knovra and believecl ammning God» oar felyes^ and the Mediator bet^cti €iod and man. i4« But every man is temfted^ when he k drawn away of his own Lufi, and enticed. Then thefe men when they h Ufeen the wnmk that ^efm did, iis (c Rbw fdid^ I am s Ali . I 7, And thon (ay in thine hearty wffower^ and the might if mine hand hath gotten me this wealth. Bnt thon (halt rememher the Lord thy Cod^ for it it he thatgiveth thee fomer toget wealth, that be tnay efi4lifi hie Covenant Digitized by Vj OC^, 1tl9ai Ca Oiap.5f chrifi depart from ini • quitj. And be not conformed to this war U^ but be ye transformed by the renewing of^ogr mind^ that ye may prove what is tha$ good, that '^ accept dte and per fed wiiof Cod^ Digitizedby Go Oglel "! I was nfright hforc thee, una keft myfelf from mine iniquity. ^^haty Ztid the whole Army otthc Fh Hifiin€s will be eafily Tanq Qiihed.

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^intent herein being,' thdtnij Bfdkfi^nidfn B), inform yon n^y Gods m\h&4ndti^^^Am\^ help, a/ij #ft-^ ante. Ju S jon nof^ Ut eaceptje Hpintl iefhda*lllikimftferifli. So then Faith conteth by hearings and hearing by the word of God. ^Vberefore it ii contained in, the Sprif- J y Digitized by i t Uf C^ emh tmi. tut heirtrj NMidtt, he thtfi Mih hhf^ Md wtrkttif figh Utifa^4 it Mt^ftti withhitn,. fkaijtutxjbe hlmik^^ mdhunh trf, tkjtns if Gtd^ ffkhm rdnket in the , pfidj^pf* crooked dftd ferverfe li^it Um, Mlttiii lohomjt^ino at ttghti in tie mrtd, Upm. Vlifo knowii^ the^idgemtm if 6^ ' thatmfwhiehcm9/dtfiti»t^tlfs-iirewmkf vfdem, moklfdoethefnn^, m h Mreftu- lure in them that do them. y.-i, Goife Hnd, herp^fkf U we tha ^t Atdto • fin live Mftoft^rthereiiihf y.i T. A If 'Hfe ftf ihtttioe kn/( feimftif ' tp Hhhhif, dnd^ioidk fit A^kn^^i^ toe Bffdi U donotthtfrmh. %9, jfioeftfit^ bdvit ta fiie^ lof okdei^^A ; (tiwi^Af Uitheirmh am Uitii^. 117- tim, fmifetb Mmfe^, evttmthtkfmt* |t(mi.$.i^ ftr if ye live gfter the fitjlty«liu A die, hit if ye tkrtu^h the S fir it de mmif» th* deeds tfthtbedj^ ye ^U've, Co Dceroing Pcrfo^ernee. Being eenfdan eftkk vt Fft Hiig, tkdt kewbieb Imh begw 4 ^tedinrh in jtn, wit prfmrm it nntittkt dey efchiti^, sfrec.1.10. J«r I am ftrfwadtd, that neither k mr life, mr Angels, nsr Principalities, i .-¥«wers^ tm things pre^wt, ntrtbingsttat :.y,3P. Father I pill, that they alfo whom i tbott hafi given me^ he mth me where I am^ that they may behold my Glory which tho Ubafi given me^ for thou lovedjl me before the fonn^ I dationofthe world. But I hwe frayed for thee^ that thy ; Faith fail not, and when thoit art converted Jhengthenthy Brethren. And grieve not the holy Spirit of Gods whereby je arefealed unto the day df redemption. whether we be bondorfi^ee^ and have been a H made to drink into one Spirit. After this I beheld and L9 a great maltitaie, which n$ man eoddnamber^ afdt Natiens^nd Kindreds and People, and T^aa fiood hefere the Throne, and before the Laid, t Uthed ttith vfhite rches, and mth Palmes ii their hands. For if the firfi Jrnit teholj^ tk tnm P it alfo holy, and if the root he holy. Sow therefore ye are no rmreftran- gersandfmetgners., but fe Uow Citixxns mth the Saints, and of the Htiifkoid of God. of whom the whole Family in Beavtn and Earth it rnlmed. till we ak cime in the Unity of the Faitby and of the knowledge of the Son of God., umoo ferfeil tfun^ unto the meafmrt oftkfiatnr* of thef Jae(feofchrift. Jitd J Jay unto thee, that thon Urt Peter., and ufon this Mock will i bui U my Church, and she gates »/ He Ujhai mtfn^Ml againjl it, Drgitizedby Go Ogl MSr.a^ . And be f4d Mtihtm^ gee je i Mta 41 th mmt U^ dud ffedeh the Gejfel ti e^opr-j Credtm-e. 3* Againft the (ins of the times^ md places wherein thou liveft. that they walked according to thecourle of this worlds i. according to the Age, as the manner of the « times went. We that pray to God^ aoc to lead us4|UO temptaii- on, moftnot roiiottrfelves intoit: A prudent man fliould therefore forethink, aotf jcon/ider in the morning) what temptations he is like to be encountred with that day, that fo he naay (if poifible) dedine them, or elfe fet his guards ibe ftroeger againft them« A wedk temftation th M tdkts m nn4W0€S^ wi B prevdil more than 4 fir^n^er forjeen. forefeeth the evil^ And bideth him- felf, km thefoolipgo onfti S dndarefunifhed.

r J t Aa$ 17 5o» Afid the timts tf t Ui ig^Mi Hi Gtd winked a, httnw cmtngndetlt MU mene^etif ^d Uretifefem^ V,3|. Wil^je^ rii^kejni Ae^^ fkiw AJthi' e^tf^imrdtiitgsfrm hefmkuhe ejes, etifi ftdee'vtl^i^ti Vat. How then Jha B they^ca S on him in ^ ' rifhom they have not believed f and how fha S^ ' they believe in him of whom they have not bedrd? heboid^ il Mjm Si$wd ck Mcmkr pfne^ \ Wr^ picicsi Sy 4uul h6 Pkat Mieveik OB him fhalffict ie.^$nf§9nd$d. And thij [iidnnt^ the wpmsn* mw ' fve helieve^ wft Ififdnfe rf thf Mnf^^ pr m ^ Jlfdvehc Mfd jmm inrfdws, Maknn^n Mjhk , uinjudtbe Chri^^ the fawemr tfthe 9&r7d. Thefe stl d Udm JFdkh t^t having V^ received the fremifes^ h^havimfeen thems^ '. What thefof Jht Btoi fh ket Mtife Mm '^ notattderthelato, htt tatiter (hute f Ooihr- hid, . Whtreferethe r Mher irethrtiis pife d^igenee f # undce ypnr Caffing ^nd SMfieit fnre, ftr if ye doe thtfe things ye fbsi never fan John 10.18. N^nr height w depth, mrtsg^d ^Mnre Jba Uhe Mttafefarmmfrm M i Digitized by Cj OOQ l^ X/g^i Knowledge. »Thc^5,j- But the Lord k faithful, who fhall ftabltjhyou, andkeef you from evil. Epb.4.i.* For the ferfe Uing if the Saints, fm the work of the CHini Jlry^ for the idifyin^tf theboij of Chrifl. iigh Knvwtedge, tit y»^M*^tt ewn Cbr^Jutid Bf H art Hffiirof, . jlndcd U n$ manjunr Fathtr »f9n thiemti, firwttt Ufm, F/ithtr:t*hieh U iit Ht Avtm V.i Oi kt Hbefktyt enlkd ii4^m,,fir 4m U Jtnr k^ifktr ievtn€hn», x Conccraing the new Cotr^MBvt. y«r J will it mtteiff^iei their dmghte- eu/nep'^and their. We moft be careful of be- ing carried away with the evil of the times. But of righteous Hoah^ we hajre another kind of Charadter! 'Tis a point of true ffiritnd wifdom to forefce fin a- f^ojfy in the occafions, and temptations that lead to it % and by avoiding the one to prevent the other.

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Bttiii^ he hah afftimed A dm in the %bkk he Witt jud^e the i»tt U i»righteo»fneffei hy thdt m M whtm he hdth irdaimdi wbere^hd h4th given aftirante nttti all men, in thttk , hath raifed him frofifthe dead; . ^* fix wicked ferfake his wny, dndthe itnfi^i^ Dtdn kit iht Ms^ 4ndkt him ti^ *itr0nm9thei^dt dndi^ i^itt hive mire) np" em bimt andt HMr Ged, for he vp HI Atatdant" . Ceriii nt Hf sad iet m j^etfin teeether\ f/ikhthi tfrdi thu^kyoiirjint be gejmlet^ eheyjbk S be m white 4tjnm^ though they be . pref^ dftd vmffer^»4ded efthem, md em yrscedthet^ m^ ienf^d ths Jk thej mre firan ^etndfikrims on the earth. Unto ^^fpte tbfi Medi4tfrofthenfw, ^ Covenant^ a^dtothebloodoff^rinkling^ thai ^eakft Jf bettet things than that, of Ab^L Ca ^eaki' gdnfj Im M iv U dters, thej tiuy hfjpurgttd wtrk PVfkkkfhvf Put Mt Ufg Mfii Gtdmth* dtef $f wju/^ien, V. Jnd / give mitt them aemd Ufe, mi tbeif M ncve^ feriflty neither j M ^nyman j Anck Humwtefnmh Mnd, V.3fi Mffnthermmhgniwtkennne itgrteier abdmn Ui Mdnenkmieebkt^flm^tktm^ntef Mf FMtherehsndi ij«imj|»p. ef Ced dah net em mmi tfin, ftr hit feed remsineth i» him, mid hecdmirtfint btcaufeheit hern^Oed, j^ ihe L^Shtith sffetrrd^ etdmitemey piyfn^i ftd^ I hutve Itved thee with M ever" i*fing ttve, therefere with le^ing kindn^e hmeldrmn^thee. Andl Wi Bm Atin ever U/fitig Ceve' mmtwith themi thstlwii mttnrnswnyfi^m them, ttdtithemg H^ hnt Iwi Uptwffeeir in Digitized by V thnrhmts, tbatbejfh Mtutdcfmfm k is. itiid that died, yea rather that is rifem M^ait, 4 tverfi»tberightbandtf Qtd, wh^al Sd tntereepien fir m. k Mdi ^th d»fs.J0»h tki turii ftinnr m B mdice d new Cwtndnt with, tke ilfttfi tf ^ft4il/Mithe Hi^9f'^»d^b: ... ^(7^;^.6.p.; Noah 9M it jttfi man & upright in his generationi& Noah walk- odmtih God. We read, that the Lord was with ^ehofapbat^ becaufe bt spalkedin the firfl waits of his Father Davidy and fonght not nnto Bdalim, imfittght to the Lord God ofhi Father^and walked in his Commandment s^and mt afur the ^^ings A the Apoftle ex* Digitized by Vj OG. Tis eafier and fafer for the Fowl to paileby the fnare, while fhe is yet out^ than it is to wind her felf oat again, when flieisonce in» i Vdtcb and fray, faies oar Saviour to his Dif- ciples,il£tf.2tf.4i« that ft enter not into temptati- on. nei TO yoa will not come ouc t Tichoat fotne 'foi'. Agaio^ diflioooaring God h the ufe of Imfuftht^St jtuhaimea^ drink^' 4ffml» Uvf- f Mlrefre Jbmnts, Sec.

ttd Ukt Criiiifen, tbty^d U bestviool , , lukci5.7. ^efus cried andfaia, be that belie- vet B on me, be Ueveth not on me 9 butonlnm thatfentme. 1 am come a Light into the worlds that whofoever believeth on me [bould not. lm BLi.\%yp^ tethem ^ i^^ l^ j^p^rt^ i^em$thtfms0f Qe^ even ie them thdtheiieve on hif Name. i 4mmf(ifed ieitih Ckirifiy neveethe- ^'- hgkl Ufoe^ je» neei, hntehrijf liv Mhifime^ ^ fi Uthelifewhiehl nomiii^ inthtftefh^ t Hve ^ the Faith of the Son of God^ w^o loved me^ dndgdvokimjfetffitrme. Mnewfkkevethiinp^ of the Lord ^ejns^ we Jha S befayod% oven i U ' tkif. Abonj4 o Btako oht p Mid of T^^h^ pkeiftewitihfefif^ he ^hk to fnenoh sitthfkrjj dmtsoftbewiihed^ Heb«tf.i2. ngt having ptine owne righteoufne S which ie of the Law, hm that which is through the Faith of Chrfsf^ the righteoufnejfe which if i^ God hj faith A^sij. Be it known unto pn therefore, men '4fid brethren^ that thr^i^h this m4n if f reached 1 forgivenejfeoffins. Vij9» C^ vdbj him 4B that believe ^ejuftified jfm.a H things^ frof» which je f Oftfdnft bejufli- fed by the Law of Mofes. Tberefm let him that thnk fi Mdetbtsktheed Ufihefdt. Whe m km by tbe pnw $f\ fjrmb F4itbu Ht$f Jv4thn,r€Uiuhcn leaiatbe Uf^fimei y.9. Ilevertbe UJetbe Feundaiui ft^mkth fwre, bdvi^ tbit fesl. V.9« lt U4tttrdin^4iethe Coven4nt,tm44ewi U thiir f M6irrrimikeil*itk4f lt00ktkmtftl^ 'km A^i Uiiithmm4f4kt LM4tf Mgfft:ie^^ ■ canfeiim cmitj$tk4 imt. irnktht imfe vf Jjrgd.i^ert Atj^Mk Si Jaitk 4kt Ltridy. liycdota My enter the lifis of temptation, a thoufand to one (fach is mans natural! ' Remember chat 'tis in the nfe even o Ufvtigs ixdiferenf, th^t Satan moil ufaally f^^ceth his flares for G6d$ fcrvants; for here khefnareis hocfovi Gble, as ingroflerfins$ and he preva U ieth more often againft chofe thit be notj^rofife- Vy pfophancand ongodly, by the «Mmw To keep thee therefore from Errpnr take thefe few Dire^ons. Labour to be well-grounded in the truth Letche/MJ^n Atf/Mbelaidfure, elfethe building with every ruffling wind, will be apt to totter^ Ungrounded Chriftiaas who never underftoo4 the true grounds of the Mtlip M they have taken up, and bow it vi built on the Scriftme Sy when they meet with Arguments againft it, wb K;h they never heard of before, and which they (through their unskilfn Ine&)cannot anfwer; tbey prefently yield to errour % and chink,becaufe tbcy cannot a Rlwer them, therefore no body el Ce cm. 47 j the true grounds of Chriftiao Religion: And to this end fudj the Scriptttres^ with hmrnlity, and be mxkchmfrayer, that God would guide thee by his holj Sprit into all faving truth, and keep thee from (ailing into errour.

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