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Learning to be less materialistic can leave you not just with more money but more free time – is wandering around airless shopping malls in search of that retail fix just because you had a bad day really so much fun?

If you really can’t kick your shopaholic habit, hide the receipts. Don’t constantly criticize his homeland Yes, the waitresses are surly, the bureaucracy is Kafkaesque and the cobbled streets are guaranteed to trash your heels. If all you can do is whine about the minuses of being here, it’s time to book your flight home.

Western society´s (read men´s) deeply held notions of how we women should conduct ourselves often sullies sexual pleasure with the fear of post-coital fall-out (Will he think I´m easy?

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It’s not a Czech thing – it’s him When dating a native, it’s easy to put down every quirk of theirs to the fact that they have a different passport.

Don’t explain away too much of their bad behavior simply by saying with a shrug, “It’s a Czech thing.” If you’re unhappy about the fact that he’s spending almost every evening with his mates in the pub or if his directness crosses the line into tactlessness, you’re allowed to say so. Be nice to Mamka Getting on the right side of your prospective mother-in-law is a bit of a no-brainer.My English is not perfect but you know what I mean.” She certainly did. Nothing is sugarcoated, but once you adjust, this can be refreshing. Learn to say more than miláčku Yes, mastering Czech is challenging – but the advantages of learning more than a few terms of endearment are obvious. You shouldn’t expect him to make mundane phone calls on your behalf or to constantly take time off work to act as unpaid translator.Practice on his relatives: learn five small talk questions that you can recycle on every visit to Babička – she probably won’t even notice that you’re always asking her the same thing so long as you eat all the zákusky on offer. Embrace the Great Outdoors The Czechs may be a nation of beer drinkers but they’re also a sporty bunch. Don’t let him play the “but a Czech girl wouldn’t think twice about ironing my socks” card.Mediterranean men are typecast for swarthiness, Frenchmen get points for savoir faire, and all Swedes are certainly sculpted blonde vampires.But try imagining a scenario with Czech men in the desired role and things get a little blurry.You´ll never hear a Czech guy label your “situation” as that of “amazing friends with this intense physical connection who just aren´t totally ready to hang it all out there emotionally.” 8. Women previously beleaguered by shy guys will find Czech men refreshingly on board for cuddling of the highly visible sort. If a Czech man says he´s really busy then he probably is (see #10). (And that´s because their mothers warned them they´d go bald if they did). In Czech a single, loving endearment can be stretched into a variety of sweet nothings. That Czech men can be frighteningly cheap—pulling out Sodexho coupons on dates, traveling with their own řízky—goes without saying. Pragmatism may supersede romance for Czech men (living together means splitting the rent, after all) but they´re typically direct and serious—see #7—which equates to someone who´s less likely to waffle on questions of long-term commitment.