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“Meanwhile Eastern European women are gorgeous, ladylike, accomplished and have traditional family values.They are much more straightforward, refined and in control of themselves – you won’t see them swearing, getting drunk in a nightclub or going home with someone on the first date like most British girls.But in his mid-twenties, Richard learned about seduction.

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However Richard, who was living in London at the time, became unhappy with the calibre of single British girls.LEARN A FEW NATIVE PHRASES: Learn a few phrases in Russian or your chosen Eastern European language.“And obviously, looks and beauty play a huge factor too.Tall and thin girls are the norm in Eastern European countries.Get the feel for the dating scene and make friends with local guys there – Eastern Europeans are often really approachable and will introduce you to their female mates.

BRING OUT YOUR INNER ALPHA MALE: Be decisive, manly and confident.

“I’ve met so many successful, nice British guys who are struggling to find a girlfriend in the UK dating scene – because English women are looking for too much.

They’re too confused and they don’t make pleasant wives.

Eastern European women don’t like that wishy-washy male who claims to like Sex and the City too and lets their girlfriend walk all over them.

They don’t find that attractive so with women, you need to be the strong, stable and secure man who stands firm when challenged.

“For me though, women in Russia are the whole package.