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Also, GENUKI's Scotland page provides lots of useful background information and further sources of records, arranged by county and parish.

If you're searching for a person or a place with Startpage or Ixquick (both of which are much more secure than Google!

) or other search engine, put the full name in quotes: "John Smith".

Simply typing in John Smith without quotes will give every page with a John or a Smith (or a smith).

Whatever you're searching for, DON'T do an image search.

Sometimes, the parents' actual names will turn out to be slightly different from the names given on their child's marriage or death certificates; 'Janet' for 'Jessie' is never a problem, nor is 'Ann' for 'Agnes' likely to be, but be suspicious of any major differences.

And don't skip steps in the search; if you say "I've got X's marriage certificate, which gives his parents' names, and I've found his parents' marriage, so now I can look for the grandparents", you'll kick yourself later when you finally get round to looking for X's birth record, and discover he was the illegitimate child of a sister of the supposed mother.

It is most unlikely to take you to a relevant image.

Old parish registers These are the registers of births, baptisms, marriage banns, marriages, deaths and burials up to the end of 1854, that were kept by the Church of Scotland in each parish.

Deaths and burials in Fife before 1855 have been published on CD-ROM by Fife Family History Soc.

Statutory records These are the records of all births, marriages & deaths since 1 January 1855, held in New Register House in Edinburgh, where they can be seen on payment of a fee.

Unfortunately, the indexes to the births, marriages and deaths do contain errors, and that can make it impossible to find some events.