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My cock twitched as I thought about how tonight we would be playing hot wife with a real ankle bracelet.

Over the next couple of weeks she wore her bracelet almost continuously, taking it off only for work.

I responded by telling her that when I'm jacking-off at night it's never over other women it's always about her fucking other well endowed guys. Over the next few months AFF became her primary playground.I also reminded her that our love is so strong it could never be broken. Sitting at her computer typing, giggling and occasionally calling me over to read some hot emails or show me the size of some hot guy's big dick.Like many couples, my wife Kay and I had explored all that the internet could offer and over time our home base became the hot stories on Literotica.My fantasies running more in the direction of Hot Wife while hers included a fondness for Daddy stories.It was just so damn hot thinking about these guy making it with my wife.

Later that night I called Kay over to my computer and told her about the profile change and showed her the response. I told her to login and browse for a hot boyfriend.

"Pushing it in, he felt her muscles tighten deliciously around him, her asshole now gripping his cock.

But rather than pump her, he lifted his hand and brought it down hard on a cheek of her ass with a loud slap.

By the end of the night her shaved pussy was always swollen, red, and moist.

Just watching her flirting with these guys, usually dressed in a sexy teddy and adorned with her ever present ankle bracelet, fueled my nightly fantasies.

It'll take you to the next stage of your relationship when you can get to know each other better.