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He has much longer hair than what he had on Felicity - actually looking a bit like Jesus according to Mark who works at that HMV location. after we left the other ppl in the bookstore they saw keri russell!!!!! they said she was dressed like crap but she still looked really pretty.

I saw Keri Russell in the early evening on a flight from Frankfurt to Budapest on Lufthansa Air. (still expecting to him to say he had just some bit parts) him: I play Ben, he's Felicity's boyfriend... they took pictures with her and she signed their backpacks.

I started talking to some of the production crew and they gave me the minor details.then I walked by Scott, who was just standing there, smiled at him, and in return got a genuine smile and the traditional "Hey." And for the record, if you think he's good looking on the screen, wait till you get up close and personal...definitely made my day.Did I tell you I met Scott Speedman from Felicity (he plays Ben), yeah that was funny. It was funny to watch her watch them instead of Tony for the rest of the night! note: In case you didn't know, Tony is Tony Lucca, singer, songwriter, former Mouseketeer, and ex-boyfriend of Keri Rusell, actress, former Mouseketeer, ex-Felicity star, and apparently current flame of Scott Speedman)A few friends and I were on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles when I saw him change into the lane next to us.I wasn't sure it was him because his hair was all grown out and he looked like he hadn't shaved in a while.My sister and I were running around the reservoir in Central Park.

We stopped to stretch by the bridge, and saw a guy get near the steps and go as if to run up. He was wearing grey shorts and a tight white tee shirt with blue sleeves. We only realized who he was when he was almost passed us., running through Central Park on a Sunday ayem, his messy mane blowin' in the breeze.

He exited at Bloor station, his arms laden with Christmas gifties Scott starred as Ben on Felicity.

He was shopping at HMV on Bloor St in Toronto on Dec 27th.

These are word-for-word from whoever posted them initially.) Just thought that you would like to know where Scott is.... Thomas, USVI He is staying at the Renaissance Grand Beach Resort until the end of the week. Really low key Felicity's Scott Speedman still takes the TTC.

His hair is long and shaggy, not the best look for him. There he was on Christmas morning, on the Bloor/Danforth subway line, listening to tunes on his headphones.

It wasn't blocked off or anything, just outside of a resaurant and nightclub.