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35-year-old Shawn Thomas, from Oklahoma, USA, died earlier this month following a vehicle accident in Africa, the Army Times reported.The father-of-four's body was returned to Raleigh-Durham International Airport, North Carolina, ahead of his burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

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So, I've started writing roles for myself that I'm interested in doing and stories I've wanted to tell and I've loved it. I have a lot of different interests and I'm blessed to get to do a lot of them. He went to film school, so he's coming back [to] it.

He's a photographer and graphic designer, but he's taken the role of director in our projects. I see Tim Stickney [RJ] sometimes, and through the events that I was invited to during my time on ONE LIFE, I'm still involved in certain charities.

According to the Army Times, he had been in the army since 2000, serving seven times in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The artists in this exhibition have created works in response to Spring in a rich variety of materials and approaches.

She was only supposed to be on for four episodes of OLTL — and had a character originally called Mei West (yikes) — but Christine Toy Johnson ended up staying in Llanview for three years (and being renamed Lisa). It was a contemporary drama asking about authenticity in the framework of the art world. It was a great town to do the play in, and there's great seafood. I was in the Broadway revival of The Music Man and the national tour of Flower Drum Song.

We caught up with the busy actress, who recently returned from a two-month theater stint in Boston, MA, to dish about who she feels Lisa really should've hooked up with, and where her alter ego mysteriously disappeared to. It was a very dense, esoteric play, which was great for the Boston audience, which is very educated and bright; there are so many colleges. I did a CROSSING JORDAN, a GROUNDED FOR LIFE and couple of LAW & ORDERs [SVU and CRIMINAL INTENT].She is the older sister of Shona West and was one of the original members of The Double Dare Gang along with Tom Smith, Matt Singleton and Cracker Bacon.In Miss Carver's class, Miss Carver is explaining about the school counsellors and Gemma, who came in late, asks Lisa what Miss Carver was on about and Lisa says it was about the school counsellors people could go to with a problem.Do you know what it's like being an Asian woman named Mei West, being looked at as a China doll all the time? But when I started to do more episodes and they started having Hank date Lisa, they were like, "We can't call her that." So, the first date she had with Hank, he brought her to The Palace and we ran into several people, including Nora, and every opportunity the writers had, they called her by her first name. " "So nice to see you, Lisa." So by the end of the day, there was no argument. HEARTBREAKING video has captured the moment a widow met her Army veteran husband's coffin on the airport tarmac - moving the plane's passengers to tears.I've also been writing a lot and through my new company, Reimagined World Entertainment, I wrote and produced and played the lead in our first short film last year.