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If you found similar coin type with a corresponding “grade,” then it’s better.

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Valuating your Chinese coins is an arduous task but we’re going to streamline the process by pointing out the main elements that define the value of a Chinese coin.And with the assistance of the Internet, the task will even become easier.Chinese spade moneys and Chinese knife coins are other forms of ancient Chinese coinages that resemble spade and sword, respectively. Modern Chinese are easily recognized by their similarities to European coins.The price of these newer coins ranges from a few dollars to some thousands of dollars depending on the coin’s rarity and condition. There are thousands of Chinese coin types and it’s nearly impossible to identify Chinese coins without help.Take some photos of both sides of your coins and post it on these online message boards.

You’ll be surprised with how much details community members can provide about the identity of your coins.

These holed coins, also known as Chinese cash coins, are very cheap.

In fact, 99% of these coins are priced at less than USD 10.

These coins were continually circulated in China until 1911.

Most ancient coins are identified by a hole in the middle.

Clear calligraphy and minimal wear are two features of an appealing ancient Chinese coin.