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Less than an hour later Police discover Charlie and the woman's body in his hotel suite.

K: Monsters In Little Kids by Sean Elwood (thedeadwalk2nite) Milk. But one day, something goes wrong, and inside every carton of milk is occupied by a tiny monster that transforms into a Hellish demon when inside the human body.

The incidents that happens in the house will take place half of the script. But the dreamed boy when he comes out of his house, they really hit the ball inside.

He becomes a hero but catches the attention of several notorious crime figures.

97 pages (Action) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Mad Dog Killers by David Stewart The true story of two prison pals, 1940s era spree killers, who embark on a rampage of robbery, revenge and murder, growing to revel in their life of crime, while police desperately race to stop them before they kill again.

The Madronians used to live in the area where Nobils now live.

The story describes the modern technologies of that time, how did the humanity developed itself, and the young Madron king who will return the freedom to the Madronians and defeat Nobils.

This encounter sparks a chain reaction of events involving betrayal, loyalty, love and Murder. 102 pages (Action) doc format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Madhatten by Maurice Vaughan A Manhattan scientist uses a cybernetic man he created to battle an invading alien race coming through a wormhole.

Now that he's a marked man, Kikill's drawn into the violent, gritty underworld of Manchester England and has to fight his way out of it. 86 pages (Sci Fi, Fantasy) rtf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Madison & Church by Steven Clark A boy takes a trip to the past to save his father, but soon realizes he can't change what happens next.

(Short, Romantic Comedy) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Machination by Keith Mc Duffee Two unlikely lovers, separated by a seemingly impossible distance, plot to bring themselves closer together.

5 pages (Short, Romantic Comedy) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Machine Gun Symphony by Michael Joseph Kospiah (spesh2k) During the summer of 1977 in the crime infested streets of New York City, a homeless subway performer takes a stand and turns vigilante.

132 pagesproduction: American Fulbright Scholar Steven Walsh arrives in communist Czechoslovakia in 1989. At first concerned only with his work, Steven becomes drawn into a nation's struggle for freedom. Her quest is to find The Master of her race, but she's losing herself in the process.