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It was her loneliness I know when, sometimes in October of 1995, after a typhoon and all was power was out for almost a week, that I think I remember It started.

Asking me, "tumatanda na ako, gusto mo pa rin ba ako? It was the most sensual, erotic sex we had that moments, after several years of doing it.We do not do it so often, like sex maniacs or sex starve person, we want to do it full of love and passion.I was her chapperon, alalay per say, so all I did was to watch her during the party.That night, she wore a never seen, black evening dress accentuated her slim body. from Spartacuz * I appreciate the fact that we are not alone in the Philippines that is exercising an intimate incestuous relationship between a mother and a son.

Sorry but we cannot risk our lives by publishing our photos nor attend to sexual orgy with others.My shorts were down, and I had a full blown erection.I realized after snapping my senses that my mom was standing beside my bed, she was holding her nightgown to her waist, her left foot on the floor, the other up in by my bed. It was just rubbing not inserting but I remember being stiff. Her eyes were closed, not making any loud sound but her breathing is heavy.I just dropped my body lay beside her, and embraced her to get sleep. I notice that she took out my hardness and rubbing it again in hers. I pinned my entire body with her to prevent further movements and rejections. Every time, her nails dig in my back, I know she had come I Know because her fluids were flowing like a faucet under me. I finally come inside her, after 20 minutes or so, with our cheeks and chins grinding.I do not know what made me do it, I just grabbed her shoulders and laid myself on top of her... Unsure if we could look into our eyes and faces - in those seconds of our first sex - loading my semen inside my mom.The next morning was normal to us, but I cannot express how I feel.. I was contemplating that she was not aware I am awake the night she visited me in bed. I did not peek at her, nor spy on her I am not into that.