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For Android users - put into the same folder as the FDS ROM you're trying to load.

For everyone else - put into your system directory. - If you get any problems of the sort DISK A / B ERR 07' - pressing Y button again or letting it run its course should do it.

So for example instead of simply having one entry for Demon’s Souls, there are currently four entries: the european disc and PSN versions, and the american disc and PSN versions.

This could even become six entries if someone were to test the japanese counterparts.

There are some differences on compatibility between media types, like Demon’s Souls, where only the disc versions are currently playable, while the PSN versions fail to get past a black screen.

But every disc version is playable the same, and every PSN version fails the same, so it makes sense to simply count the disc versions Playable once, and the PSN versions as Nothing once in the statistics.

* [FBA core] Various changes/fixes - Hook up Eco Fighters controls (Turn 1/Turn 2 bound to L and R buttons) - Hook up Pnickie controls (Turn 1/Turn 2 bound to L and R buttons - press one of the buttons to progress beyond start screen) - Hook up Continental Circus controls - Brake 2/Brake 3 (L1/L2 buttons) and Accelerate 2/Accelerate 3 (R1/R2 buttons) - Hook up Gun Smoke controls - Start button (needed to progress beyond title screen) - Hook up Mighty Pang controls (P1 Shot1/P1 Shot2/P2 Shot1/P2 Shot2) - Fixed Varia Metal palette - Fixed Fairyland Story palette - Fixed Return of the Invaders palette - Fixed Act-Fancer palette issue - Endian fixes in the following games (PS3/360/Wii/Gamecube) - - Surprise Attack - Rollergames - Ultra Man - Oh My Gods - Moonwalker (Sega System 18 bootleg) [magicseb] - Hyper Pac - Snow Bros 1 - Honey Dolls - Fixes pitch issue in Gals Hustle (will possibly fix more games as well) * [FBA core] [For Wii/Gamecube/Xbox 1 only] The main FBA version now has CPS1/CPS2/ Neogeo and Mega Drive/PC Engine drivers removed. * [Android] Fixes Madcatz fighting stick being autodetected properly. Fix : Issue with reading files from bin/cue disk image. Fix : Removed the refresh window everytime you use an option, sometimes it's useless. Note : (1) [LOAD] The PS2 CONFIG editor is able to load CONFIG files and to display the result on the screen.

* [Android] Input autodetection expanded - - i Controlpad * [Gamecube] Made Retro Arch cores 'standalone' - ie. * [Xbox 1] Add Low RAM mode - this needs to be used to play games that won't otherwise fit into RAM, such as Street Fighter Alpha 3/Vampire Savior and other big ROMs in FBA Cores CPS2/Neo Geo/FBA. Add : CONFIG files extracted from softemu and gxemu. You'll be able to load : - "NET" config files from '[Mana Gun Z Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/NET'.- NOTE - Famicom Disk System loading is slow, so you might be tempted to fast forward through most of it. * [FBA core] Made FBA Cores CPS1 - use this to play CPS1 games (all CPS1 ROMs fit into memory on Gamecube).However, I'd advise caution when doing so and to savestate regularly in case 'fast forwarding' can negatively affect disk loading. * [Android] Fixed regression where a button bound to AKEYCODE_BACK would 'exit out' of Retro Arch. Add : Plugin Monitor, it allow you to load or unload a plugin.This progress report will focus on progress over the month of December.First and foremost, below is a video summary and report of various games that improved this month. First of all, let us have a look at the compatibility database statistics.However we are now making quite a drastic change to how compatibility is counted.