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John MJohn M: The most important thing though, is we are giving local actors work and that helps everyone out.

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Plus, Steve has a few new models that are nice looking. As a member, you will very likely find that out before me. When you have folks who post with short, critical, uninspired and borderline-troll comments, it does kind of diminish the quality. I tend to agree with your assessment, but there is of course no protection against a witch-hunt.

No amount of ID proof, pre- and post-production interviews, or heartfelt testimony will turn aside a zealot out to save society from itself. TGG: Well obviously I feel Delila Darling is awesome since you are undoubtedly referring to my hype, amongst others.

It helps to have a studio location and years of content to reference.

The questions of legality of the movies has been asked. I know that all kinds of violent acts can be show in mainstream movies...more violent (yet for far shorter of time), then I could ever make.

Adding pornography does not really affect anything, yes for some--there is a line that they perceived has been crossed.

When you think about it, Hollywood has associated sex and violence for all time.

The Flash Gordon scene, Barbarian Queen flicks, and even old black and white clips like the Desert Warrior? I like the Mutant X electro scene thats up on Youtube as well--beautiful woman there.

Sometimes I'm also on Mr (I'll buy a membership about one month out of the year) looking through the bondage selections.

No one, with possibly the exception of the ACLU, will ever argue in favor of pornography, and they would argue in favor of freedom of speech or expression. You know, it occurs to me that we are fighting at a disadvantage just by using the word "porn." If we consistently called it "erotica," we would impart to it some modicum of respect, since "erotica" is artistic but "porn" is not. I am pretty sure most readers of this forum understand what constraints you are up against but if anyone can pull it off, I have high confidence that you can. I e-mailed Delila Darling and suggested she contact you if she is at all interested, although I think the shoot might be rougher than she is comfortable with. I'm not sure a Powershotz membership will afford you all that much opportunity to explore her awesomeness, since I'm pretty sure Steve has posted most of his Delila content. Yours was a humorous comment and that's the way I took it. If I had meant to slight your comment, I would have directed my snarky remark at you, by placing it, you know, in the paragraph addressed back to you.

Our other alternative is to make "porn" a commonplace term and rob it of its shock value. * * * * * Margot: Thank you for another exceptional update, with pictures. Glad to hear things are moving forward and on schedule. But you will have access to the still galleries, and if she has some, they should be good. I am kind of jealous about those Powershotz Delila Darling galleries, though.

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