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You won't get the world as presented by the Today Show there.

If you are looking for recipes trying to emulate Real British Ale, this is the book.If you are looking for more information on brewing and storing cask conditioned ale, the details are insufficient.I haven't tried brewing any of the recipes, although I'm sure they really do come close to their commercial counterparts.What I was looking for, though, was very specific details on the technical aspect of cask conditioning ale and the equipment involved. It explains cask conditioning as the equivalent of bottle conditioning, but in a 'cask' which it only describes in a page or two.this book from the group CAMRA is helping me make better real ales.

The only fault I find is lack of detail in the recipes." For any out-of-state readers, Salem is the capital of Oregon, and it's where good sense, clear thinking, and hope for democracy in action all go to die a death befitting a Normandy Beach scene from Saving Private Ryan. My response so far has been a cheery yet pat, "That's a great question, and say, your hair looks great/you've lost some weight/would you like to take some cannabis with me? Nor does it mean the title of this column has changed to "Cokebuzz, the Week in Cocaine News! what is going on in Salem surrounding cannabis issues, and the greatest minds who are there have been unable to explain it to me, despite their best efforts. " ("As part of our 25-part series, this week we try some cocaine, discuss how you can get more cocaine, and then we're gonna do—that's right! ") No, my friends, this week I've failed you because I'm unable to do what this column sets out to do: inform you about cannabis matters in an enlightening and hopefully entertaining manner. Friends lately started asking me, "Hey, so what's up with Measure 91 and Salem? Little to no explanation on hard, cold measurements and indicators Focus on all-grain brewing, lacks the grinding guidelines Overall is a great book, perfect if you combine it with a couple of youtube videos on brewing.