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In 2000 when we first began studying intranets, open source was used heavily.Not until 2008 did we see Share Point taking a strong hold.

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For this latest research we looked at intranet portals in 16 organizations, tracing a line across the globe that connects intranet best practices from the City of Olathe, Kansas in America’s heartland, all the way to the Municipal Design and Survey Unitary Enterprise “Minskinzhproekt” in Belarus.

The most recent case studies include the following: Our recommendations for intranet portals are now based on 83 portals case studies.

For example, the Carle Foundation has created a governance structure that is both formal and flexible, with defined roles, responsibilities, and workflows.

The governance team is drawn from all levels of the organization and has assigned tasks to staff from nearly every operational area across the organization.

As enterprise portals mature and grow so does the need for more structured, yet dispersed, portal governance.

Portal teams are learning that since the intranet portal touches all layers of the organization, so should the governance.Many organizations are happy to report that a variety of tools, including open-source tools, are catching up to their needs.Everyone cannot necessarily afford to integrate and support large, complex intranet portal solutions such as Share Point.In our intranet behavioral-research studies, organizations used about 20 different portal-software tools.So there has never been a paucity of intranet portal technology that can produce worthwhile portals.What’s different today is that technology has advanced to a point where a fairly nontechnical team can create a highly functional portal without an advanced design team in-house.