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Modern sleeping bags can cost several hundreds of dollars, more than some of us spend on home mattresses.

If that sounds too much to enjoy an overnight in the outdoors, this review of the best budget backpacking sleeping bags is geared to you.

Read review: The North Face Cat's Meow Try as you might, it's tough to find a cheaper down sleeping bag than the Cosmic Down 20.

This bag is comfortable, featuring a soft and cozy interior with enough room to accommodate multiple layers of clothing, if necessary.

The internal fabric is fine but lacks the soft touch found in more expensive models.

For sub-0, this model provides a lot and sacrifices little.

Higher-priced sleeping bags pack smaller, but then again, they are higher-priced.

And over the long term, the value of this bag continues to rise as down fill maintains its loft and insulating properties longer than synthetics. The extra material means extra weight and packed size, which becomes more noticeable the longer your excursions are and at higher altitudes.This bag has been around since 1977, which should tell you something.The latest version of the Cat's Meow sticks to this bag's workhorse roots.Stomach and side sleepers appreciate the roomy interior, as will anyone who likes to curl up with high knees.If mummy bags tend to make you claustrophobic and constricted, this model might be your answer to backcountry happiness.This North Face model comes with a compression sack, a great addition to cinch the bag to a smaller size.