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The default release letter for most models is "i" which means international.The first Entertainment Unlimited Phones were announced and launched in 2009, creating a new category where the benefits of Audio and Images were "combined in smart, good-looking and high-performing devices." Apart from first-rate Audio-Visual strength, what these products have in common are differentiating factors in the User Interface, borrowing from the wider Sony Group UI-developments.The phone supports SMS and MMS messaging with predictive text input.

It is available in three versions: W350i, W350a and W350c.The screen is a 262.144 color TFT at a resolution of 176×220.NOTE: Sony Ericsson may release cell phones in three variants, indicated with a letter after the model number.Example: W200 was released as W200a (for the Americas), W200c (for China) and W200i (rest of the world).I've completely lost SMS ability (this doesn't even make sense! I still can't send or recieve pictures or get on the internet.

The Sony Ericsson W350 is a mobile phone that belongs to the Walkman series.

EDIT: I just realized that with proxy setting off, you can't receive MMS's. But what I am now testing it whether you can turn off the proxy, add the feed, then turn back on the proxy. I was quite frustrated by this until I found a post by anandman, who said: "I use AT&T Wireless in the US and found that if I remove the Cingular HTTP proxy from the connection settings, this fixes similar problems I've been having finding, adding, and updating feeds.

But I rarely go there anyway I figured that this bit of info was important enough to be added to this sticky. I think I've really tried to get both of these to work.

The phone is the first in Sony Ericsson's new 'Cyber-shot' C-series of phones, designed to be a successor to the popular K800i and the K850.

Although the device received favourable reviews, analysts did not expect it to reach the same level of popularity or sales as its predecessor, the K800i, because it was not intended to be a "flagship model." The handset has had below average reviews, with a lot of reviewers criticizing the phone for being priced too high as the better equipped G900 is in the same price bracket while others have lamented the fact that Sony Ericsson chose to implement the same technology that had been presented in late 2006 in the P1.

Additionally, the phone includes Track ID which can identify the names of songs by listening to them.