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These are a wonderful resource for old and new obituaries. Copies of the obituaries may be requested if found in the index. Located at USGW Archives, it is an index of obituaries extracted from The American Friend, a Quaker publication. Copies of obituaries may be requested from the Earlham College. Features a collection of obituaries and deaths from local newspapers for years as early as 1893 to the 2000s. Eastern Pennsylvania Obituaries Located at Roots Web. Searches obituaries from Huntingdon County local area newspapers. Located at the Lancaster County Historical Society.

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I like to think of these as the values that you cannot do without and will make you absolutely uncomfortable and acting out of step with yourself if you don’t respect them.

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They can be ‘looped’ so that the banner can revolve, disappear and come back – creating an attractive image to catch the eye.

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Mason figured he’d appeal directly to Houston Shelton’s mom to see if she’d make an exception. Thank you for your time and consideration, have a great night.