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Valdespino you grew up going to Port Aransas for vacation you remember the midget farm and you actually got scared but went anyway you visited the train tracks and saw the invisible children’s hand prints on the back of your car as they pushed it over the tracks you use Fiesta spices Bev Bolner if you call a convenience store an “ice house” Pat Howell if you were born in the Nix Hospital during the Battle of Flowers Parade!Molly Houck a 90-degree August day is considered a cold front you water your lawn with an eye dropper you consider cactus decorative lawn flora you know the Alamo was not built downtown to attract tourists you know the Rodeo Road Trip isn’t a traveling Western show there’s been road work on you street since 1998 you’re clueless on how to yield or merge into traffic you believe using a turn signal is a sign of weakness you believe the largest vehicle has the right-of-way you wear cowboy boots but have never been on a horse you know the Battle of Flowers is a parade you know Fiesta kings, queens, duchesses, etc.It was created so construction crews will always have something to do you pronounce Blanco, blank-oh you’re wondering about someone’s last name, you know enough to look on the rear window of their truck Jerry Suarez you call a convenience store an "Icehouse" Robert Herzik you think the Battle of Flowers is a National Holiday!

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(now children and great grandchildren) you remember going to North Star Mall where there were very few stores.you remember the Methodist Hospital having a hard time getting people to go there as it was "too far out" you remember the excitement for the City when the top was raised slowly from the ground to the top of the Tower of The Americas you remember car races in downtown San Antonio Keith and Peggy Schulz you order a breakfast taco and it comes in a flour tortilla instead of a corn tortilla shell you enter a freeway from an access road and you "know" that you have the right of way, forcing those moving at 70 MPH to break for you Robert Ruiz every day someone in town shows you they appreciate your military service you’d rather be a Cowboys fan than have your own NFL team you don’t need any meat in your bean taco Norm Loukinen you cringe at those who refer to our unique city as folksy “San Antone” you know what a low-rider is and admire its auto-ethnicity you understand the dire implications of parking under a tree at sunset when the grackles are getting ready to roost you’ve witnessed the complete “naming-cycle” for Wonderland Mall to Crossroads Mall and back again to Wonderland Mall you know that the popular neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, La Fogata, was once a Dairy Queen you remember the University of the Incarnate Word ads as touting “The College” you remember the SA Gunslingers football team playing at the Alamo Stadium Mickey Tehan you have been to NIOSA during Fiesta Mary Rogers you know that 410 will never actually be finished.Charles Longanecker 9, 20, and 21 are your three favorite numbers Dan Scarborough you remember and/or played at Playland Park and viewed it like it was Disney World!Rhonda Faith Lewinson you know that the bowl of pickles on the table at a restaurant isn’t pickles but jalapenos Alyce Robbins your idea of health food is a few cheese and bean breakfast tacos David Wright you know the best time to go to the Riverwalk is on Sunday morning, when everything is quiet and calm Antonio M.Chávez.) you know what "First Friday" means you know more Spurs players than City Council members you consider Austin almost as far away as Canada David Archer you are able to attend a military parade every week (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) at Lackland Air Force Base Major Seals your t-shirt says "Enchiladas - they’re not just for breakfast anymore" your car is held together with Spurs bumper stickers you run into Tommy Lee Jones, and you’re mad cause it wasn’t Eva Longoria Steven Rowden you’ve shopped at Ross and Steinmart, but still miss Solo Serve you’ve been to Fiesta Texas and Sea World, but still miss Playland Park you know that the Chili Bowl is a football game you can give directions to all the malls, but to none of the missions you’ve had a birthday party at Kiddie Park you’ve eaten menudo at Mi Tierra to cure a cruda (hangover) you consider a bean-and-cheese taco "comfort food" your grandfather, father and uncle all worked at Kelly you know all the words to the song, "Volver" you take vacation during Fiesta so you can go to NIOSA every night you have at least five plastic NIOSA cups in the cupboard you look forward to eating Maria’s tortillas at NIOSA every year Guillermo Esparza you don’t know what a yield sign means" Alfred Watson you have bought something from Bjorn at each of his four increasingly nice showrooms over the years.

you have had a steak at the Tee Pee restaurant on the Austin Highway.are not a rehearsal for a Halloween costume party you take the DRT seriously David Garrett you remember enjoying a black cow, a purple martin or a baboon at Weber’s Drive in Root beer you attended televised wrestling at The Wrestlethon to watch Fritz Von Eric, Wahoo Mc Daniel, Thunderbolt Patterson and Mil Masqueres you rode the mini monorail and watched the amazing Los Voladores show at Hemis Fair.visited fantasyland at Joske’s every Christmas Edward F.you know the words to Marty Robbins "Ballad of The Alamo" song.you turn your nose up at any Mexican food that is not from Mexico or San Antonio you visited the midget farm.Gloria Valdez you know where at least half of the streets that change their name in the middle of a block are located. Erwin you rode the rides at Kiddie Land, rose a pony in Brackenridge park, spent an evening at Playland park, saw a movie at a drive-in theater, spent Easter Sunday at Brackenridge, had a beer at an Ice station Rosalesmp the cars in front of you never use their turning blinkers Everitt Mahon you know the best places to get tacos for breakfast you know what an aquifer is you know that there are more Spanish missions than the Alamo you have seen Hummers parked in "compact car" parking spaces you have seen the police shut down an entire freeway for a traffic accident you know that VIA bus operators are friendly and helpful your employer closes the business for a parade you have a collection of Fiesta pins you annually brace yourself for allergy season you have to wash off everything that is outside for any period of time you can enjoy a workday lunch on the Riverwalk you know what the letters in HEB stand for you are tired of hearing about toll roads you expect city-wide events to be family friendly you have see bus patrons waiting in the shade of a telephone pole Bill Barker in a 24 hour period, your garden has freezing temps, hail, high winds, torrential rains, flooding, and then scorching high heat Louise D. shows up and sees that the smoke is coming from your BBQ pit, but sticks around long enough to eat a fajita taco you see more taco places than there are Mc Donald’s the weather changes from one extreme to another within a matter of hours Roger Pena you are surprised how much it costs to eat in a restaurant in another city Bill Barker you have Spurs-phobia June Mahaffey you’d rather eat at Taco Cabana than any four-star restaurant Roger Barnes you remember you never wanted the fun to end with high school friends and family at Playland Park in the ’60s on Broadway Martha Hall you’ve been to Playland park.