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In lieu of a wedding cake, guests chowed down on apple pie, butterscotch pudding and red velvet mini-cakes.

Later, says Appel, “everyone danced all night” to the tunes from ’80s cover band Knyght Ryder.

Just days after her picturesque Los Angeles wedding, which featured the couple's best friends Jessica Simpson and Zach Braff, Cacee Cobb and her new hubby Donald Faison took a very casual coffee run in West Hollywood, Los Angeles on Monday.

The Clueless star, who hails from New York, shamelessly plugged his home basketball team, the New York Knicks while Cacee, still beaming in her post-wedding glow, opted to show off a big diamond on her chest.

begins with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson leaving a Circuit City.

It was June 2004, and big-box electronics stores were an unimpeachable part of American life.

Even the groom got in on the action, jumping onstage to sing a New Edition song alongside his buddies.

And in a final sweet note, every attendee went home with a nod to Donald’s favorite food, a mason jar containing a slice of yellow birthday cake with white frosting.The pair has a quick exchange about why Nick doesn’t open car doors for Jessica anymore.She sets him up by declaring, “At the beginning of our marriage, you were so eager to open the door for me.” Without missing a beat, he delivers the punch line: “At the beginning of our marriage, I got laid.” A happy-go-lucky jingle immediately starts playing, and we see a wide shot of Nick and Jessica’s house. Thanks to her marriage to Donald Faison, Cobb’s name has remained in tabloid magazines and on celebrity websites over the past decade.And maybe even more important, she contributed a level of authenticity that had done that work.If they stayed in on a Friday night to make dinner together, viewers wouldn’t wonder if the producers had prodded them to do so.With her best friend, Jessica could scold Nick behind his back or talk about life in Los Angeles from a place of authority. and on televisions before we were familiar with her type — returned to MTV in service of Lauren Conrad’s image.