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Heather Havrilesky of Salon agreed, and admired Calpernia's composure in the reality show environment.

"Because as we know we can outlaw discrimination but it can still happen underground.So we have more battles to fight."She has taken that fight to Hollywood, where she is an actress, producer and director.After being together for about a year, on the night Addams was competing in a pageant, soldiers beat Mr Winchell to death while he slept.An emotional Addams says her heart is still broken 15 years after the incident.Typically, she says, in US media trans-attracted men are stigmatized and shamed, and that can make them hate themselves—and "lead to unhealthy and even dangerous situations for trans women." They lodge together in a mansion while Calpernia stays in a separate cottage on the estate.

The contestants compete in group challenges, and the winners are granted time with Calpernia.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, her parents were Christian fundamentalists.

She likens the church to a cult."We weren't allowed to see modern movies, listen to modern music.

Addams wants to fill the gaps about trans people, who are often represented as two-dimensional caricatures in various media.

In 2002 Addams formed Deep Stealth productions with fellow activist Andrea James in Los Angeles, which produces media with an awareness of trans women's contributions."I think a lot of minorities in Hollywood go through phases where in the earliest phases they're demonised and then they sort of become clown characters, and then they become tragedies, like 'oh that poor thing', and then they become the amusing sidekick and then finally they become a fully realised human character," Addams said."And we've seen that with trans people."She has worked with Felicity Huffman for her Academy-award nominated performance as a transgender woman in Transamerica as well as Jared Leto in preparation for his Oscar-winning role in Dallas Buyers Club."We need the brilliant minds to work in the halls of power ...

Transamerican Love Story contestant Jim Howley, who is himself transgender, appeared in the premiere episode of Sex Change Hospital.