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Like her notorious book Sex, this is a handsomely shot work of pure exhibitionism.

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(White, slightly concave and completely hairless, since you ask).To the right of his heart is an inch-long raised, white scar.He spontaneously married actress Giada Colagrande in 2005 after meeting her in Rome a year earlier. He appeared in the film Body Of Evidence with Madonna.La Ciccone is art gallery owner Rebecca Carlson who lives on an impossibly lavish and improbably stable houseboat, and has a rich older lover with a dodgy ticker.We are asked to believe that Madonna lives on a luxury houseboat, where she parades in front of the windows naked at all hours, yet somehow doesn't attract a crowd, not even of appreciative lobstermen.

She answers that question in one of the movie's funniest lines, which unfortunately cannot be printed here.

He played a supporting role in The Aviator and provided his voice for the Pixar film Finding Nemo.

He claimed that he was raised by his five sisters because his parents were too busy working in the hospital.

He dropped out of the University of Wisconsin to join a theater company.

After moving to New York City, he began dating Elizabeth Le Compte.

Actor who became known for playing bizarre roles in The Boondock Saints, Wild at Heart, and The Hunter.