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While many netizens gave the government a thumbs-up for its high-profile attention to young people, some say the guideline is depressing.

"Growing up in the traditional Chinese cultural atmosphere, I also think it's right to get married at the proper time to enjoy a happy family life.

Controversy exists for example on the start of the connection of the eastern Tibetan rivers to the eastward flowing Yangtze instead of the southward flowing Red River.

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The Dadu River did not flow southward into Yuanmou Basin at least since 4.8 Ma but flowed into the Jinsha River along the Anninghe Fault.

These capture events are closely linked to the tectonism of the eastern Tibetan Plateau and intensification of the East Asia monsoon.

The remarkable spatial and temporal variation in sediment provenance allow us to extract information about the evolution of the upper Yangtze River.

The combined data suggest that the upper Jinsha River upstream from Shigu town lost its connection with the southward flowing Red River at least earlier than the Pliocene.

The guideline was drafted to help execute the Middle and Long-Term Youth Development Plan (2016-25).

Published in April, it was the first 10-year development plan for youth, defined in the plan as those aged from 14 to 35. He Junke, a senior official of the CYL Central Committee, said in May that youth organizations, including the CYL, will help young adults tie the knot.

The guideline just brings more pressure and makes her think of herself as a loser, she said.

The guideline was published after a suicide made headlines for days and triggered widespread concern about the authenticity of dating websites.

Guideline designed to build trust in online matchmaking platforms China moved a step toward helping people find love on Monday, with the issuance of a guideline governing dating websites.

Government bodies will coordinate to promote real-name registrations and authentication on dating sites and crack down on marital fraud and other crimes related to matchmaking services, according to the guideline issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the National Health and Family Planning Commission.

Situated in a tranquil area overlooking the Yangtze River, The Westin Wuhan Wuchang forms part of the Wuhan Wanda Center, a popular shopping and dining destination.